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O.P Gupta is not a member of NFTE BSNL.

He is creating unnecessary controversy in the union.

Com. Chandeswar Singh, Secretary General, NFTE BSNL writes to the Dy. Registrar of Trade Unions.

NFTE letter no.TF-1/2/AIC dated 11.10.2010


Com. Chandeswar Singh, Secretary General, NFTE, vide his letter no. TF-1/2/AIC dated 11.10.2010 has complained to the Deputy Registrar of Trade Unions, New Delhi, that Com. O.P. Gupta is not a member of NFTE and that he is unnecessarily creating controversie in NFTE. It is a matter of deep regret Com. O.P. Gupta, the founding father of NFTE is given this sort of a bad treatment. The following are the excerpts from the letter written by Com. Chandeswar Singh.

"Shri O.P Gupta and Shri Madhusudan Rao both are not holding any post in our union and as such they are not members of our union also..."

"....Shri O.P. Gupta and Madhusudan Rao were neither the delegates nor office-bearers to the said All India Conference. Only to settle score with some office bearers of the union both of them are unnecessarily creating controversies on the amendments to the constitution of the union."


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